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Pearl Of Aden Gulf For Trading and Services

The Name You Can Trust

POAG is a group of companies that providing multi services for their customers where as we are focusing on the following fields to serve our clients with best and lowest budget.
POAG is focusing on :
1. Inspection and Test of Electronic equipmentand providing the certificate for the electronic equipment.
2. Import and Export of many food products as per client demands.
3. Marine and Ship Services.
4. Real state and Foundation services.

الثقة و الاتقان في العمل
معاً نحو الامام
أفضل الخدمات باقل الاسعار
جودة و دقة في العمل
Best Service and Low Price
Quality & Accurancy in Work
Experiance and Trsut
Togather to Success
POAG For Testing & Inspection
For Lab Services . لخدمات المختبرات
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POAG For Trading
For Trading Product . للمنتجات التجارية
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POAG For Real State
For Real State info . لمعلومات العقارات
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POAG For Marine Services
For Marine Services . لخدمة البواخر
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A Place That Helps Growth Of Your Work

With POAG you always will have a good service and up to date information and you will feel that we are working for you all the time.
We believe that we are giving accurate and at best costing that can keep our client happy all the time.

24 Hrs service online

Certificate issuing and progress statues updated online 24 hrs thats safe clinet time and efforts.

Inspection And Testing

Providing inspection for your electronic devices according to client request with accurancy.

Ship & Marine Services

The abality to provide the service of fual supply and other services for ships as per client request .

Food, Fruit & Vegetable Trading & Supply

Food, Fruit & Vegetable Trading & Supply

Real State & Construction Services

Providing full cooperation and services that related to real state and its supply.

Logistics and Shipment Services

Supply chain with forwarding providing with full tax and custom services

Need Advice?

With POAG team you can find the best advise and service and best rates just have a call to us!

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About Electrical LABs

Electrical Labs is one of the most important laboratory that can provide to you the correct data sheet about the products you want to know about it with our engineers and testing equipment

Gerneral Manager Overview

POAG providing our best services toward our clients each time and our aim that to make the full satisfication to our customers that we providing them the best service with less cost and good quality.

Our amobition to have a good feedback always from our clients and we always welcome our clients review and remarks to imporove the services that give the full satisfication always.

We thank you for choosing POAG.

Head Office

New Enma City Durat Aden Alboreqa Road, Aden City
Republic of Yemen

Tel: +967-734 171 555
Fax: +967-734 171 555


Plot No. 11, Aden – Boraeqa Road Almansoora, Aden City
Republic of Yemen
Tel: +967-734 171 555
Fax: +967-734 171 555

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